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Last updated: Sep 9, 2005

Are you tired of those annoying pop-up ads that get displayed when you visit some Web-sites? There are a lot of programs, which block the pop-up ads. One of the first such programs - Pop­Up Killer, was developed by Xavier Flix in 1995. Since then "pop­up killer" became a generic name for this kind of software. I'll use the term "pop­up killer" not as a title of the specific program, but as a generic name for all popup blocker software.

In many cases there is no formal difference between a pop-up ad and a useful new window. This is the main reason why there were no objective tests to estimate the popup killers' quality till now. I have created such objective tests, which help us evaluate popup killers' ability to block pop-up ads and accept usual new windows. I'll use PKIQ (popup killer Intelligence Quotient) to estimate the popup-stopping software. PKIQ consists of two numbers. The first one is the "accept useful new windows" success rate and the other is the "stop pop-up ads" success rate.  More details...

The main purpose of this review is to help people find the eligible program to stop pop-up ads. Please feel free to send me proposals and links to programs which are missing in the review at

138 popup killers found on the Web have been analyzed. From the bird's eye view the tested programs may be divided in 4 groups:

  • Intelligent Pop-up Blockers, which distinguish pop-up ads from useful new windows and automatically stop the pop-up ads only. In this case both components of PKIQ are greater than 0%. If the PKIQ is equal to (100%,100%), then this popup killer is really clever.
  • Trainable Pop-up Blockers, at first you should teach such program to close certain windows needed and after that it will stop them successfully. In this case PKIQ is equal to (100%,0%), as such popup killers don't stop unknown popup windows.
  • Serial Pop-up Killers, which stop all pop-ups (both pop-up ads and useful new windows). In this case PKIQ is equal to (0%,100%).
  • Browsers with popup killer embedded - full-featured browsers with popup killer capabilities.

The list of the tested programs is here. If you know other programs, please inform me at

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